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Collagen + tea based treats formulated by a doctor to boost your skincare. Collagen. Vitamins. Minerals. Antioxidants. Made delicious by a culinary brain. Designed to fit your lifestyle. Dive into an indulgent pudding as a dessert. Or, dip into a gelée for a refreshing snack (try saying it with a French accent). 


Beauty Treats

 Gelées & puddings


Green Tea Citrus

Refreshing and not too sweet. Green tea, grapefruit, and spearmint make this an utterly sophisticated way to kick the crap out of free radicals and promote daily wellbeing. Yes, please!

3000mg collagen
2g net carbs, 20 calories
contains caffeine



Hibiscus Berry

Your body will love this zingy blend of hibiscus and cinnamon. Dip into beautifying ingredients that have also been shown to help with recovery, performance, cognition, and stress. Our most potent treat. KA-POW!

3000mg collagen
0g net carbs, 15 calories
no caffeine



Berry Lime

This gelée may look sweet and demure. But, white tea, berries, and lime make this treat a powerful combination. Boost your vitality with the antioxidants in this tart mother pucker. 

3000mg collagen
1g net carb, 20 calories
contains caffeine



Coconut Crème


Get a rosy glow from rooibos, rose petals, and coconut cream. The ingredients in this creamy treat have been shown to promote skin elasticity and knock out inflammation. The proof is in the pudding!




The chocolate pudding of your childhood without the junk. Make your skin and brain happy (literally). Nourishing and indulgent - a dream come true. You’re welcome. 




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