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Real Beauty Food, Inc.







Made with love (and collagen).

We believe collagen is an important food group (seriously, like vegetables). So we set out on a mission to create a ready-to-eat product line to easily and deliciously bring more collagen into our lives. Why? Because we simply couldn’t find anything that provided the skin-beautifying nutrition we craved, was easy to consume AND tasted ridiculously good (compromise is not our strength).

It started as a passion project. Amy, the natural and herbal medicine doctor, had just gone through a divorce, and wanted to “reboot.” She was seeking ways to enhance her skin, hair, and nails like her grandmother used to through nutrient-dense food. Elizabeth, her dear friend whose love language is food, believed if it didn’t taste amazing, “forget about it.”  With Amy’s hand-selected herbs, teas, and collagen (of course), they locked themselves in the kitchen and went through countless iterations (it’s in the 1000’s) to get it just right. They emerged with magical treats that packed a nutritional punch and tasted delicious. 

This duo quickly became a trio when Bassima, the business guru, serendipitously entered their lives seeking the same beauty equation. She was taking collagen for her joints while recovering from back surgery, but was dissatisfied with the taste and texture of collagen powders and bone broth (she can be fussy). Craving an easier, more enjoyable way to get collagen into her daily diet, she complained to her doctor (who of course, happened to be Dr. Amy Bader).  Amy shared the treats Elizabeth hand-crafted in the kitchen. Bassima was elated. Shortly thereafter she partnered with Amy and Elizabeth to transform this passion project into a brand.  A fire was lit at the intersection of food, beauty, and wellbeing.

SkinTē is a new way to boost your skincare from the inside out through a nutritiously-charged collection of ready-to-eat treats.  




 we believe real beauty starts from the inside out
we create products that promote vitality and radiance
we innovate at the intersection of beauty, food, and wellbeing